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Guide to Wearing Quinceañera Dresses

A Quinceañera dress is worn by a girl in celebration of her fifteenth-year birthday; it’s a traditional culture practiced by the Mayans, Aztecs and South Americans. The Quinceañera ceremony symbolizes the beginning of womanhood for young girls when they turn fifteen. In this generation, women of different age bracket and different races wear the Quinceañera dress to various events.

Fashion keeps evolving, and a lot of women follow the latest fashion trend. If you have a Quinceañera dress and not sure of how and where to wear it – below are different occasions you can wear your Quinceañera dress.

Best quinceanera dresses 2019

To A Quinceañera

The Quinceañera dress considered one of the essential items for the Quinceañera ceremony; if not the most. It’s worn by the birthday girl to mark the end of childhood and usher-in the beginning of womanhood. Quinceañeras generally wear long pink or white gowns, but in this age, all shades of pastel are popular among girls. The Quinceañera ceremony can be either formal or casual depending on what the family wants.

To Prom

Prom is an exciting period for most teenagers; it’s an opportunity to dress up to the best and to flaunt largely. Wearing a Quinceañera dress to prom would make you look elegant and classy. Irrespective of your body type or shape, there’s a Quinceañera dress available for prom night.

To A Formal Dinner Party

A formal party could be a dinner party, a cocktail party or a company’s party. A Quinceañera dress is perfect for any formal dinner party; it makes you look like a princess. With various styles to select from, you are confident of a design that suits your occasion.

To Religious Ceremonies

Choosing an appropriate outfit for a religious function might prove to be challenging, but you can never go wrong in a conservative quinceañera dress - depending on the religious gathering. For religious ceremonies like baptism, you can wear a short conservative quinceañera dress in the color of the festivity.  

To A Night Out at The Ballet, Theater or Opera

Once upon a time, night out to a ballet or the opera is an opportunity to dress to impress. Women would dress up in quinceañera/ball gowns to complement their men in a tux. In recent times, the culture is a bit laid back. If you live in cities like New York, wearing a quinceañera dress to the opera would not be considered an overdress.

Second Attire for A Bride

The wedding day is a big day for most brides; it’s a day a lot of women daydream about. The customary outfit for brides is the white wedding dress which they might still wear for the reception party. For a fashionable bride who wants a second look for her reception party, a quinceañera dress would do justice to your princess day look.

The quinceañera dress originated from the Latino culture for a special occasion, but today, it is worn to a different social and religious event.

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  • Posted Jesús porras
    Mi hija cumple sus 15 el 3 de enero del 2021

    Estoy empezando a ver opciones de su vestido. Estamos en Guatemala.

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